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Experience the difference


What is “Experience the Difference” all about? Find out why clients choose to do business with us and why insurance companies want to be represented by our agency.

Service with Convenience & Availability

In addition to having convenient hours and a real person answering each phone call or greeting a visitor, we have invested in technology to become more accessible to our clients for timeliness and convenience. We achieve this without replacing the personal meetings and interaction our clients deserve. This allows us the provide the service our clients expect and deserve in the time of need; whether it is a new purchase, a claim or to provide guidance.

Knowledge & Experience

Our employees not only have the insurance education needed to provide our clients with insurance programs to fill the needs and wants, but the experience to get the results in the most effective manner. With our agency employing agents with past experience in claims adjusting and other insurance company positions, our clients have a distinct advantage knowing if the unforeseen should occur that they are being treated fairly.

Integrity & Professionalism

Our clients and companies are assured that honesty is a core belief throughout our agency. We have a reputation of trustworthiness and confidentiality with our clients and companies that is a cornerstone of our agency. We believe it is important to do things right, but also important to do the right thing.

Products & Companies

We have a responsibility in helping our clients fill their needs, satisfy their wants and solving their problems. In order for us to do so, we have business relationships with insurance companies that meet our requirements in service, financial stability, integrity, pricing, and claims handling. In addition we develop relationships with insurance companies that provide the insurance policies and coverage enhancements that would benefit our clients.

Insurance Is Our Only Business

The insurance industry is constantly changing and becoming more complex and regulated. Because of this, we concentrate only on insurance. We believe this gives us time, energy and resources to make sure we are proving our clients with sound insurance advice.

Licensed to sell insurance in:

  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

Our mission at Campbell Insurance is to help guide and educate our clients about insurance to help fit their individual needs.

Treating our clients problems as our own, we are committed to a high standard of customer service.

"Your friendly neighborhood insurance agent. No matter where you live."

Alexis Chambers

Campbell Insurance Services, Inc. | 416 West Main St. | McNabb, Illinois 61335 | Phone: 815-882-2126